Monday, April 3, 2017

resignation? and your boss hate that!

what if suddenly you want to quit your job, and your boss is unhappy? I think many of us face the same. Well, after my confinement 1 week a go, ive decided to tender my resignation. At first, my boss kinda agree with my decision and ask me to carry on, since my biggest reason is to take care of my baby. (she avoid feeding with bottles) it really makes me worried as a mom.

the next morning, she suddenly call me up, and ask me to rethink about the decision. She even tried to threaten me. With her annoying face, she said I will make my big boss going mad and jump up down she even said she will put my future career in jeopardy since she thinks my decision is not a wining thing to the company "your enjoying your 60 days of confinement holiday, with full salary payment, then suddenly you showed up and show tender!" Ï will definetaly tell your future employer about your bad behaviour" I like what? what did I do? I do follow the law, 1 month notice of tender, I have a problem, not because of other offer and so on.

After the solid decision has been made, the management started to ignore me. Not giving me one single thing of job. I'm in HR department, which I cant touch every pnc thingy.
Now, counting days.. for me to just get the hell out from here for good.

-unsatisfied employee-